Crazy Time – Live Show Game

Crazy Time, developed by Evolution Gaming, stands out as a renowned game show featuring a Wheel of Fortune with monetary rewards, complemented by four distinct bonus games.

Crazy Time
Casino with Crazy Time
Bonus +300% on your deposit & 100 Free Spins
Bonus +500% on your deposit & 70 Free Spins
Bonus +125% on your deposit & 250 Free Spins
Bonus +500% on your deposit & 70 Free Spins

Crazy Time Slots

Crazy Time is an interactive slot game that kicks tradition to the curb. With so many features and chances at bonuses, it’s hard not to get hooked on this game. It’s a fun time for almost anyone with a multiplier feature that will really blow your socks off. This makes it an easy standout amongst other games in online casinos.

And that’s not all. The casino doesn’t stop there when it comes to bonuses either. Once you’ve gotten a taste of the high life, it’s hard to go back, and you’ll be itching to get the highest possible multiplier. If you’re looking for excitement and huge wins, Crazy Time at online casinos might just be perfect for you. Make sure you find a reputable one though! Don’t waste any more time and get that account registered so we can aim for those big numbers!


To achieve success in the game online casino slot, familiarizing yourself with the game’s rules is crucial. Here’s a simplified guide to starting with Crazy Time slots:

  1. Before the game begins, place your bet in one of the designated spots.
  2. Watch as the game’s wheel spins and eagerly anticipate its stop.
  3. If the wheel’s stop position matches your bet, you’re in for a win.

Crazy Time slots also feature exhilarating bonus rounds where players can obtain additional multipliers. During the Top Slot round, participants have the opportunity to receive a multiplier up to 50 times their initial bet, enhancing the excitement and potential for significant earnings.

Rules & Gameplay

To enrich your experience, consider the following additional insights:

  • Engage with Bonus Games: The unique bonus rounds (Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and Pachinko) offer the chance for significant multipliers and interactive gameplay, distinguishing Crazy Time from traditional slot games.
  • Strategic Betting: Diversifying bets across numbers and bonus games can balance the risk and potentially increase the chance for rewards, leveraging the game’s varied payout structure.
  • Utilize Game Stats: Taking advantage of available game statistics and results can help players identify patterns or trends, potentially guiding more strategic betting decisions.
  • Live Interaction: Embrace the live aspect of the game by interacting with hosts and other players, enhancing the social and immersive aspects.

By integrating these strategies and insights, players can deepen their understanding and enjoyment, making the most of this innovative and interactive online game show experience.

Crazy Time Login & Registration

Signing up to play Crazy Time at reliable casinos is usually a quick and easy process. It can be done in minutes by following the steps below:

1. Go to the casino’s website.
2. Find the registration option.
3. Do a simple sign-up, which typically involves completing a form.
4. Verify your email address.
5. Log into your new account.

Some sites make it even easier for players by letting them sign in with their Google accounts, meaning that none of this will take longer than five minutes. The idea is that long forms put off players, while short ones make them more likely to give things a try and see where they lead. That being said, it’s important to remember that fake websites tend to ask for too much information, so always stay vigilant and keep your personal details safe!

CrazyTime Wheel

On the internet, there are many places to play games. But there’s only one way to play this one. The experience is live, as is the money you bet with. If you want to hop on this wild ride, go ahead and select your platform for playing Crazy Time online. We’ve collected a list of the best casinos that offer Crazy Time wheel so that you can skip all the mediocre ones. Some casinos even went as far as creating an app just for mobile users, because they know how much you like your smartphones. If that sounds interesting to you, go ahead and download it after signing up with us first!


What is Crazy Time?

CrazyTime stands out as the top-rated live game show, renowned for its engaging multipliers and quartet of exciting bonus games. The heart of the action is the Money Wheel, offering an electrifying gaming experience.

Where is studio located?

The studio for the live casino game is situated in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

When is it ideal to play CrazyTime?

CrazyTime is available for play at any time, but the thrill intensifies during evening hours and over the weekends. Place your bets on numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and the bonus games to potentially win big – it’s interactive and a lot of fun!

How do you play in casino?

First, select the online casino that best suits your needs. Create an account at the chosen casino and make an initial deposit. Decide whether to play Crazy Time for real money or try the free version. If your bet is correctly placed before the spin, you could earn a multiplier and potentially a significant win.

Where can you play?

There’s a wide range of online casinos offering this game. Choose wisely to avoid scams. Listed above are premier casinos where the Crazy live casino game is available. Pick a casino from the list that operates in your region.

Which casinos feature Crazy Time?

Most legal online casinos typically include Crazy Time, Funky Time, and other popular online games. The Crazy Time demo is among the most innovative games in the gambling scene, accessible to all interested in playing and enjoying.

How do you log in at a Crazy Time casino?

For first-time players, sign up or log in for returning players at Crazy Time. Visit an online casino website to create your account, or download the Crazy Time app and set up your account there.